A Pilgrim’s Progress

A Pilgrim’s Progress: The Journey of Faith in the Life of Abraham
Beginning Sunday November 5th, we will be taking a journey together as we look at various scenes from the life of Abraham found in the book of Genesis. Abraham was a pilgrim of the faith, and together we will look at the highs and lows, failures and triumphs of Abraham’s faith pilgrimage. 

As we approach Thanksgiving and then prepare our hearts for the wonder of celebrating Christmas, the life of Abraham revealed in the Scriptures gives us an accurate portrait of our own place in this world. More increasingly, Christians may feel as foreigners and strangers in a host culture that seeks to abandon the ways of God. But perhaps the growing feelings of discomfort and rejection we feel are part and parcel of following God? Living in the world is tough. It was for Abraham, and it is for you and me today. Join us as God’s Word teaches us to navigate the highs and lows of family issues, uncertainty, sacrifice, and times of feast and famine.

Though we are separated by centuries, Abraham’s real struggles and desired victories are much like ours today.  Join us as we learn, grow, and are brought close to God in the story of the scriptures. Together, looking to Jesus and keeping in step with the Spirit, we are also on a wonderful journey home.


Walking in Faith,

Pastor Paul J. Millarc