Wouldn’t it be great if some areas of our lives could just be overhauled and improved, made new and useful again? Starting January 7th we will be begin a sermon series that answers that very question with an affirmative “Yes! We can me made new!” In Christ we CAN have greater devotion and joy, stronger families, restored relationships, and new identities. Christ longs to fix all that is broken in our lives and then send us out as His followers to fix the brokenness we see all around us. Let’s roll up our sleeves, learn from God’s instruction and the start fixing and building the world around us for Christ.

Sermons include:

  • Reclaimed and Repurposed: Finding true Identity and meaning in Jesus    
  • The Foundation of Faith: Constructing Lives through Biblical Christianity
  • Fixing Family
  • Renovating True Community
  • Repairing Relationships
  • Building Lives of Legacy