Here Are Two Outstanding Opportunities to Draw Closer to God Through His Word and Deepen Your Walk With Him as a Disciple! 

Authentic Discipleship – The Gospel of Mark
An in-depth, interactive Bible study for ladies through the rich, practical truths of Mark’s gospel.  Experience the excitement of your faith growing as you encounter the powerful teachings of Jesus, and learn to make disciples the way He did.  This class will equip you to have an impact for Christ and see Him transform lives!
Book Cost: $9
Well Versed – How To Have Fruitful Conversations with a Hungry World
This unique and exciting class, for both men and women, will help you gain two wonderfully practical skills: (a) the knowledge and confidence to be able to share with someone what the Bible teaches on a broad range of current news topics (such as healthcare, immigration, social justice, the environment, and many more), and (b) the tactical skill to winsomely and effectively guide a conversation toward spiritual fruitfulness.  This class, led by a team of five, will use two resource books and lots of fun interaction.  Sign up now and learn how to be “Well Versed”
Books: Tactics by Gregory Koukl & Well Versed by James L. Garlow
Cost for both books: $23.00