In the Red Zone

If you’re a football fan like me, you’ve heard of the red zone. If you haven’t, the red zone is the area from the 20-yard line to the goal on both sides of the football field.  On offense, this is the last stretch of territory to get through in order to score a touchdown. On defense, the red zone is a fiercely defended piece of real estate from which to make a stand and not let the opposing team score.

As you can imagine, the drama in the red zone is always high (the color red often signifies stop, danger, or an emergency). Being able to score in the red zone is no easy chore and is often what separates good teams from great teams. The red zone is always a place of testing, a place where the obstacles get up close and personal and are more formidable.

Whether in life or as a church, the red zone is where we want to be. Sure, the pressure is high and the resistance is ramped up, but we get closer to the goals that we’re trying to achieve.

Where is your red zone? Perhaps your red zone is a weekly staff meeting, or the moment you get home from a long day of work. It could be when you get into the gym, or early morning in front of your Bible or computer.  Whatever your goals may be; it’s in the red zone where you heighten your resolve, dig in your heels, and figure out the issues and problems in order to overcome them. Here are a few tips/strategies for living in the red zone, wherever that may be for you:

  • In the red zone, the playbook shrinks; meaning, that you’re limited in the plays you can run because of the shortened distance to the goal. Similarly, when you find yourself in life’s red zones, only strategic plays for that setting will do. For example, if I decide to watch television the moment I get back home from work instead of spending time with my children, I’ve fumbled and have squandered an opportunity. Find simple and effective strategies for success in the red zone and know that this may look different than what worked getting you up to that point.
  • The obstacles always get more daunting and closer in the red zone. When the pressure is on and time is running out the obstacles can seem overwhelming. Many people often get overly emotional or simply fizzle during this time. Don’t let the emotional nature of the red zone overwhelm your resolve and strategy to meet your goals. Be aware of the heightened emotional pressure of certain times and circumstances (like the holidays, before deadlines, or getting the family ready for church on Sunday) that can produce push back within yourself or with others.
  • Every player must perform his or her assigned tasks extra efficiently and effectively in the red zone. The red zone was made for a team-effort. Don’t go into the red zone alone! Surround yourself with others who will give you a better perspective of the forces coming against you and help you in reaching your goals. Build a team!

As a church, our vision is to be a gathering of people who are passionate about Jesus, passionate about seeing Jesus transform lives, and passionate about seeing Jesus transform our culture. In our red zone, God’s glory is always our goal. There will be a thousand enemies to overcome in the days ahead; whether they are spiritual forces working against the advancement of the gospel, financial challenges, or even our own lethargy. We need everyone to play his or her part and not give up! Don’t stay on the sidelines; join us as we see and cross the goal ahead. Revival and community transformation are just ahead, let us not give up now. Let’s move from the red zone to the end zone and give God the glory for His victory in Christ.


Love You,

Pastor Paul