What: We are a group of moms that love and support each other, while pointing one another to Christ.

When: MOPS meets on the second Thursday of every month from 6:30pm-8pm.

Where: First Baptist Church of Lilburn (285 Main Street) in the Fellowship Hall

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This years theme is “Free Indeed” – Sometimes, especially as moms with young kids, life can sneak up on us, and we don’t realize that we have gotten stuck. Stuck in patterns of thinking or habits that are holding us captive. This is the year that changes, this is the year we will stop settling for what simply gets us by and do the work to get to what’s best. We will examine our worry and not believe everything we feel. We will bask in the freedom of living loved by understanding who God is, and who we are because of it. We will be free from the need to hustle for our worth, and we will live in the truth that we are already loved and lovable, without all the striving. We will parent with fresh perspective and will treat ourselves with tenderness, because love is the loudest voice we hear, and it is proclaiming freedom and favor.