Lilburn Students is here to strengthen and encourage you on your journey with Jesus. Every day, students are bombarded with cultural images, slogans and ideas that have significant and lasting influences on their lives. Unfortunately, many of these influences only serve to darken our view of life and keep us from living the happier lives that God intends for us to live. These things usually offer us instant satisfaction, but in the long run leave us feeling empty and broken inside. That is actually the great enemy’s plan. Jesus said it this way, “[Satan] comes only to steal and kill and destroy. I came that [you] may have life and have it abundantly.” Much of what we experience in life is counterfeit. Counterfeit dreams. Counterfeit expectations. Counterfeit relationships. Many of the ideas that society offers us are counterfeit. We want to speak against those lies and empty promises and we want to speak into your life with the Truth that offers peace, life and hope.   If you’re looking for a place to find PEACE, a place to BELONG, a place where you can GROW or a place where you can truly THRIVE then come hang with us.  
Our goal is to provide environments and opportunities for you to experience the Godward life. Please join us at one of the following times:
Contact Pastor Kris for more information: or 770.921.1220


Bible Study: 9:15am
In the Activities Building


Encounter: 6:30pm
In the Activities Building
Doors Open @ 6:00pm

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