September 19th we begin a new sermon series studying the Book of Colossians. We will do a verse by verse exposition of the text and experience God’s truth come alive, helping us find true fulfillment in Christ.
False teachers had come into the church at Colossae and were trying to dilute the deity and authority of Christ with a false gospel that simply wasn’t sufficient. To combat this false gospel, the Apostle Paul encouraged the Colossians with the truth about Christ: that He and He alone is supremely sufficient to save us and give us new life. 
Paul wrote this book to make sure that we would have a clear picture of Jesus, a strikingly beautiful and true portrait of the Son of God, which in turn leads us to overflowing adoration, uncompromising obedience, and a renewed passion for advancing His Kingdom. 
Come and be refreshed and revitalized by the Word of God, our sure foundation, as we “look at the book” together Sundays at 10:30am. 
-Pastor Paul