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We are meeting at the home of Chris and Kelly Bryan – they are longtime members of LFBC and Chris serves on our church staff as Kitchen Manager. Their home is conveniently located in downtown Lilburn.

We are excited to reconnect with your students. Please be sure that we will take extra measures to do our best to keep you student safe as we gather during the COVID-19 crisis. Some measures we have in place include: asking students to observe social distancing, provision of hand sanitizer and not sharing food and drink. Being an outside event, we will not require students to wear masks, but we encourage students to wear a mask if you/they would like to do so. We will supply masks for students who would like to have one. OUR BIG ASK: Please do not bring your student if they have exhibited ANY symptoms of COVID-19.

Please RSVP your student by Wednesday, July 8th to ensure we have enough food for everyone. RSVP by completing the form below.

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