Serving not only makes the body of Christ grow stronger, but also the spiritual life of the individual believer. You can make a difference in the lives of others – begin sharing your time and talents today!
Greeters – If you are passionate about making others feel welcome, then this is the spot for you! Serve by holding doors and making guests and members feel welcome when they come into church. Go the extra mile on rainy days by escorting people with an umbrella to/from their car.
Children’s Ministry – There are several ways you can help in Children’s Ministry!
  • Sunday Mornings
    • Serve as a greeter or check-in host and welcome children and families.
    • Volunteer to work with preschool or elementary aged children in Children’s church one Sunday a month.
  • Monday Afternoons
    • Volunteer as a small group leader during Good News Club at Arcado Elementary Mondays 2:30-4:40 pm 
  • Wednesday Nights
    • Serve as a greeter or check-in host.
    • Volunteer to be a small group leader for preschoolers or elementary aged children.
** If you’re interested in volunteering in any of these areas please fill out the form below by stating what event/ministry you would like to volunteer for.